Destaque 01

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6 Comentários para "Destaque 01"

  1. Irene de Souza Reis Silva 09/05/2013 às 14:06

    Por favor me envie valor e data de início do curso de Direito.

  2. Michelle Maciel 18/09/2013 às 21:54

    Boa noite! Também tenho interesse em saber o valor do curso de Direito.

  3. isabel aparecida dos santos 05/11/2013 às 00:23

    eu moro em sabara e gostaria de fazer pedagogia

  4. vanessa 29/11/2013 às 15:26

    Qual o valor do curso e início das aulas

  5. Luiz Carlos de Miranda 13/12/2013 às 21:47

    É uma ótima oportunidade para nós alunos da faculdade de Sabará. Agradecemos essa oportunidade ao nosso Reitor e sua equipe de colaboradores por mais esse incentivo!

    • Abhishek 27/10/2014 às 01:45

      Thanks! its always nice to hear back from folks. Especially folks who get it. 😉 Your other email had a funny reurtn address, and it bounced… but yeah, we have one that appears to be actively sabotaging us. I wonder why people bother. It would be a lot less work to just let him have a piece of gum now and again. Yeah, we’re still leaning on that New Hope stuff being quack quack quack. Joey’s OT does a lot with vestibular stuff, and it all seems a lot more useful to have the variety of activities rather than just being moved as if he was going up and down hills all the time. He gets carsick, after all. 😛 Joey has been doing a lot of singing lately. He learned to talk by echoing TV shows, like Oobi and Little Bear, and in fact, most of his speech is an elaborate scripting. He kind of reminds me of Mrs. Who in A Wrinkle in Time- he has trouble verbalizing, and quoting is so much easier. For the sensory stuff, we’ve put together little picture-books of the different stuff that is available, and then he can pick what he needs. At school, they have gum (despite the OT there), a couple different vibrators, a therapy ball, a ball pit, and a trampoline, and he has a picture of each of them. He can then flip through the book and pick what he wants. We’re a little concerned that teh teacher isn’t teaching him tio use it, just handing it to him (so he just picks whatever is first right now), but we’ll get there. At home, we have a bean pit instead of a ball pool, and his heavy blanket in addition to the other stuff. He usually picks gum. 😉 Hope you little ones are going great today!(removed and reposted to correct massive typos)Amanda

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